A Secure OS For the Dalai Lama?

“I am editor of the Infowar Monitor and co-author of the recent report Tracking Ghostnet. I have been asked by the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama OHHDL and the Tibetan Government in Exile TGIE to offer some policy recommendations in light of the ongoing targeted malware attacks directed at the Tibetan community worldwide. Some of the recommendations are relatively straightforward. For example I will suggest that OHHDL convene an international Board of Advisers bringing together some of the brightest minds in computer and international security to advise the Tibetans and that the new Tibetan university stands up a Certified Ethical Hacking course. However one of the more controversial moves being actively debated by Tibetans on the Dharamsala IT Group DITG list is a mass migration of the exile community including the government to Linux particularly since all of the samples of targeted malware collected exploit vulnerabilities in Windows. I would be very interested to hear Slashdot readers opinions on this debate here.”

via Slashdot.

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