MontaVista Linux drives Dell’s quick-boot feature

CEO Rusty Harris revealed MontaVista’s role developing the quick-booting, ARM-based processor subsystem expected to ship this year in select Dell laptop models. The “Latitude ON” feature aims to give enterprise laptop users instant boot-up and access to select applications, with multi-day battery lifetimes.

The Latitude ON feature is expected to arrive “in the coming months” on the Latitude E4200 (pictured above) and E4300, the two lightest-weight models of the five re-engineered Dell Latitudes announced by the company in August. Latitude ON uses “a dedicated low-voltage sub-processor and OS that can enable multi-day battery life” for the Windows Vista notebooks, Dell said. Dell also said the technology will provide access to the web, email, attachments, calendar, and contacts “in seconds.”

MontaVista Linux drives Dell’s quick-boot feature.

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